Let’s Meet at the QiQoChat House

Okay let’s face it, Manila is not around the corner for you.  And yet, you’d love to be part of these three days with colleagues and friends. So why not join us.  Lucas Cioffi and Michael Herman have been trailblazing and experimenting, leading the way to bring this global virtual experience to you. For the price of a movie and popcorn $10, you can join in, engage in the conversations and share in the fun.


Click below to check it out and register:


A Fun Conversation with
Michael Herman

If you want to get a virtual feel for what it will be like at the QiQoChat House whether you’ll be hanging out in the virtual kitchen, front porch, by the bar or in one of the Manila breakout rooms, listen to my interview with Michael Herman who will be the facilitator host.  And of course “Be Prepared to Be Surprised”…Midnight in Manila is one of the features!


A Place to Connect Virtually with Old and New Friends from around the World

More good times in the QiQoChat House.png

Many places to hang out and  to be a butterfly or a bumble bee. You can move from room to room…or stay where you are.


There’s a space on line to take notes


You can even contribute to the Newsroom and Book of Proceedings