From their musical video invite (below) to the welcoming message on their website, the language, the images, everything has been arranged to make us feel at home.  The Philippine people are known for their kindness and warmth, always hospitable to everyone they meet. I know my time there will be very special and I do hope you’ll come visit me here at my “Open Space on the Open Road website” as I share my wonderful trip with all of **YOU**!

Quite a trek to go from Florida to Manila and there’s no place I’d rather be!  Ironic that on my way there, I’ll be landing in Taipei for a few hours where I experienced my first World Open Space with Sharon Joy Chao, now our host in the Philippines.  We were both new to Open Space back then. The memories of that time are seared in my soul.

Here a few pics from that special time in 2009.

Unforgettable memories of a time gone by
Suzanne and Sharon Joy  – 2009 Taipei. Now it’s 2016 and soon we’ll be in Manila. Amazing the lifelong friendships that can blossom from afar and then later gift us with a chance to be face-to-face once again.  

In 2013, Florida hosted the World Open Space. Gail West, our mentor, and the Taiwan host team planted a seed in us that continues to grow and grow. Now it is Manila’s turn to do the same hosting by hosting the world.

From their WOSonOS website, we read: “The Philippines is home to the 24th WOSonOS, and SEAMEO INNOTECH is its special nook. The Center has embraced Open Space Technology, and slowly, has built its capacity on the use of the technology in organizing and facilitating conversations and conferences at the organizational, national and regional levels. And rightly so, as our programs, projects and practices have always been characterized by innovative approaches to learning and ways of engaging.”

The song that hooked my heart.
Who could ever resist
the Manila invite!

Never too late to join! Virtually or face-to-face.

Last minute guests welcome!

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