Heading to Manila for the World Open Space on Open Space 2016.

This will be a short trip – 2 weeks of pure adventure and joyous reunions. New friends, old friends and being with people who work in Open Space Technology or who will be experiencing it for the very first time.

At first blush, it may appear fraught with danger to travel to the Philippines at this time. Lots on the news on the political front about this country and its leader, just as there has been here in the United States with our political candidates.  Life however is not always as it appears in the media and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to launch this website so you can arm chair travel with me. To experience everyday life with some mighty fine folks as I meet them on the street, in cafés and grocery stores and wherever I go.

I will fill you with sights and sounds, photos and stories. I’ll try my hand at video – no promises as this is all new to me. Like a kid, I’m learning tons of stuff as I go which includes building this travel website.

“The World is Shifting – Come back to the Circle – Open more Space”

That’s the theme of this Global Open Space Gathering. A fitting title for my life as I expect my personal world to shift big time in 2017.  As you may have read, I made the mega decision last year to sell my house and hit the road with my new 24-foot trailer.  Did a 7000-mile practice run and not only survived but thrived.

Now as the Snowbirds flock back to Florida, I’m thinking that a house sale may be right around the corner and then things could happen really fast.  Am I ready for this big move? Heck no!

What to Do with All My Stuff when I Move?

Yes, it will be a nuisance (and sad too) figuring out what to do with all my stuff – a lifetime of memories from books to dishes, paintings, pots and pans, summer clothes, winter clothes, sandals, shoes and more shoes.

Lots more than this. Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Books everywhere even in my kitchen



My favorite dishes. Just can’t part with these









Often I’m asked so what’s the plan. Where are you going?  Honestly I just don’t know.  All I know is that I can haul my little trailer house anywhere. My work and my everyday life will follow me. Or I can park it to spend blissful time visiting my grandkids (new one on the way) or to do as I do now, hop a plane to open some space with clients or colleagues.

Do I have any doubts about what’s ahead?  NOPE, not a one!

You see we only get one chance at life so we might as well pack in as much as we can while we can.  What are you packing in that makes you feel like a kid again?