The World Open Space, now in its 24th year, is such a special time.  Having spent the day working side-by-side with the Manila planning team, multi-tasking their busy day job and going over the last touches for WOSonOS2016, I felt myself going down memory lane when we were world hosts in Florida in 2013,

Similar situation — happening in a University setting with many young people involved. I’m grinning ear to ear to learn that participants are continuing to register. Chances are they will reach 100 participants if not more by Thursday night when it officially begins.

Manila will not disappoint. Incredible that the room is already set up, nearly a week before the big day. The joy and pride is palpable.  No detail too small. We will feast on gourmet meals featuring local Philippine dishes and Eastern cuisine. Plans are to live stream the opening and closing circle on Facebook live and QiQoChat . Photos, videos and news reports will be uploaded regularly giving the opportunity for the world wide open space community to partake either joining in the conversations or stopping by as butterflies and bumble bees to take a peak.

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Bubbling with Ideas and so much Enthusiasm


Many of the faraway guests  (from China, India, Malaysia, Australia, Poland, Singapore, etc.) will be staying at Seameo Infotech’s International House.  A hotel that feels more like a charming guest house.

I am beyond excited to reconnect with old friends like Alan Stewart who will be coming from down under in Aussie land, Ms. Song from China and Gail West from Taiwan. All have been mentors to me in this work and practice called Open Space. All three were in Florida and I am thrilled to be seeing them again.

Alan will be hosting a “Conversare dinner” on the first night which is about strangers meeting strangers, breaking bread together and engaging in lively conversations for the pure enjoyment of discovering each other. Alan contends that by treating each other well, listening and conversing, good things happen.

Here a peak from three years past, a short interview with Alan and a special invitational video with Ms. Song who at the time was considering the possibility of inviting to China. Who knows what might be in our future whether next year or later. In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll find these You Tube clips utterly charming.

As I close, I know that Manila may be failing Harrison Owen’s test of one less thing to do but they will certainly excel in multiplying all those little things to make this gathering memorable, elegant and welcoming. They’ll also be leaving a legacy to the world with the most amazing graphics with a preciseness in language and design while taking one more leap forward on the virtual.

In the meantime, I invite you to meet Alan and Ms Song speaking from Florida. I’m sure you’ll be enchanted by each of them – their spontaneity, language and inner glow.


A Conversare Evening on November 10th with Alan Stewart hosting. Who can resist Alan’s charm and passion for bringing conversation to life. It will be infectious in ways that are sure to spread far and wide.
What a delight to reconnect with Ms. Song (left) who will be traveling from China to be with us next week.  In the end it was Poland who hosted in 2015 – who knows what the future may bring whether China or another country, there is a lovely mystery about who comes forward to host.
Unfortunately Hulu (interpreter) will not with us this year.