Open Space on the Open Road!

A new life adventure begins and I am absolutely thrilled to share it with you hoping that my serious and crazy schemes might also ignite amazing adventures for you.

Look forward to my new “kick-ass” life

This adventure started with Open Space  – A meeting process I was introduced to in 2009. Never could I have guessed what would happen in my life a result of my work with Open Space Technology.  I got hooked on this approach because I instantly recognized that it was the most natural thing in the world that could ever happen at work and in life.

In Open Space, we set aside traditional hierarchy, titles and roles so that we can quickly bring diverse minds, talents and skills together on the most important and complex issues. We let passion and responsibility (accountability) be our guides.  The results, the energy, the innovation and creativity that are unleashed are both surprising and highly predictable.

On this website, you’ll hear me gush with enthusiasm about Open Space but for now, consider this a preview of more to come.

Open Space led to Open Road – And a realization that time gets shorter in life as you grow older.  For me that became the clarion call for: “It’s now or never”.

A Solo Journey but Not Really!

What fun to imagine **YOU** traveling with me on this adventurous website journey. I can hardly believe I’m making this big leap. To sell my house, pick up and go…! Hit the road as they say! Where? Not sure yet. And that’s the great fun of it.

The crazy thing is that in March 2016, I bought a 24-foot Trailer and Jeep. Now you have to know, I knew nothing about hitching and hauling, or for that matter travel trailers. Like really…NOTHING!  And worst of all, I’m not that mechanically inclined. But one thing I do know about myself is that I’m adventurous, stubborn, love travel and in an ageless way, am determined that it’s now or never. If the currency of life is time, then I want to get my full ROI payback.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not retiring, not even close. As I’ve said I absolutely love work, always have, always will. I’ll just have to figure out how I can fit it all in.

Quality Time to be a Grandma

Luka a happy camper

And oh by the way, have I mentioned that I’m crazy nuts about my 2-year-old grandson Luka.

Soon he’ll have a little sister, Maya, so I’m awfully happy that those two bunk beds in that trailer of mine will be put to good use.

This summer we spent nearly a month together throwing rocks, watching squirrels, birds and bugs; getting our faces and hands dirty. Never a dull moment in nature.


Can’t Wait to Get on the
Road AGAIN…!

Before I go, let me just give you an idea of what will happen here. This is a work in progress. Expect some funny stories, past and future. With 7000 miles behind the wheel already I’ve had my share of “incidents”.  This summer was my first practice run – I had to test this out.  I’ll regale you with my trailer tales and other odds and ends happening here and there in my life.

Sometimes I’ll be traveling by air, working with clients or connecting with colleagues around the world who are also absolutely nuts about their work in Open Space. You’ll hear their success stories, meet folks virtually and quickly you’ll feel that my friends are also your friends.

What’s there not to like about this!

Whether we know each other or not, my hope is that you have a good time here wondering what this crazy lady is up to next. And as you see the real me in action, I’m hoping it may inspire you to let your true colors shine through inventing, creating and doing whatever rocks your boat.